Dr. Claud Anderson on The Rock Newman Show

Published on 1 Jan 2016

Dr, Claud Anderson, President of PowerNomics Corporation of America has the plan to put Black America on it's feet to economic independence. And has a wealth of experience to back up his claims. Acclaimed author Dr. Claud Anderson has held the highest positions in federal and state government and politics. His past experiences includes State Coordinator of Education for Florida under Governor Reubin Askew, led President Jimmy Carter's Florida campaign to win the state, Executive Director of two economic development corporations for the city of Miami, Florida and the list goes on and on! The views and shares of Dr. Anderson's "POWERNOMICS" videos are steep in the millions! And has caught such attention for it's unadulterated truth on the economic state of Black America, that MILLIONS are in agreement that Dr. Claud Anderson is THE MAN with THE PLAN to economic freedom for Black America. A community who spends their money with others that practice group economics while their dollar doesn't circulate one time within their own community.

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